Project Protein (Sustain A Business)

Project Protein

Project Protein

Project Number: 2b

Project Title: Project Protein (Sustain A Business)

Pillar of organization: Vocational Empowerment

Start date of Project: 22nd December 2017

Completion date: March 2018


In collaboration with project protein, six indigenes were chosen to be empowered by the provision of business development consulting and funding to their existing business or grassroot business ideas.  

Business Development Projects Participants

The following individuals were selected under the business development projects:

  1. Fidelia Ndiribe: Grocery business

  2. Evelyn Okoronkwo: Poultry Business

  3. Ogechi Onuoha: Foodstuff trader

  4. Catherine Mbakwe: Grocery business

  5. Anokwute Ugochi: Clothing business

  6. Chinyere Onyechere: Petty trading

Community feedback:

We have followed up by ensuring that the six beneficiaries are equipped to maintain their respective businesses through laying a tailored business plan and adequate funding. This way, families can also be equipped to afford healthy eating.

Follow Up

The S.O.W Africa team worked with selected individuals to develop their business management skillset by focusing on business planning, capital budgeting, bookkeeping and reinvestment strategies.

The timeline for the projects follow-up was as follows:

  • Meet with the individuals to discuss plan drawn out: February 3rd

  • Draw up sustainable business plan drafts for businesses : February 6th

  • 1st round of funding:(#140,000) - $400, February 7th

  • 1st follow up meeting after funding to check progress: March 3rd

  • 2nd round of funding(based on performance of 1st round): March 3rd

  • 2nd follow up meeting: March 17th

  • 3rd (final) round of funding: March 31st

  • Final meeting to address any special issues: March 31st

  • Periodic check ins: Monthly until July

Due to lack of education and exposure, most of the people dwelling in the community lack the knowledge of basic financial practices and ultimately, maintaining a business. With our help, Three out of our beneficiaries have built their business into a sustainable source of income for themselves and their families.


Lola Bakare