How old do I have to be to join S.O.W Africa?

One of S.O.W Africa’s goals is to unite the African Youths through service. To be involved in S.O.W Africa, members and volunteers have to be from 18-40years of age to join the teams and engage in service. However, younger aspirants have to present a parent’s or guardian’s consent to allow minors (ages younger than 18) to join and serve in the Organization.

How does S.O.W Africa know what people need?

There is a lot of work to be done within the continent. Upon urgency of attention, the organization will go with its members (planters) to organize focus groups that help the organization to understand the circumstances better and be able to provide efficient aid where needed.

How much time do I have to serve in S.O.W Africa as a member?

As a member of S.O.W Africa, you do not have to record formal hours as you do in a regular job. You will  be expected to work together with your teams to ensure proposed projects are a success. There are no set hours for how long or how much time you would have to set aside towards making projects and events a success. For teams that handle documentation, you may need to set aside about 1 or 2 hours per week to update records and ensure smooth and efficient operation of the organization.

What are the terms of being a member?

As a member, we only need your willingness and dedication to serve the African continent! S.O.W Africa aims to serve Africa in areas that have been ignored and communities that have lost hope. All we need are like-minded people willing to help and invest their time and skill to being agents of change and helpers to the less capable.

How can I donate money to S.O.W Africa?

We are glad you asked! On the Home of the Website, there is a DONATE icon you can click which will show you the process to make a donation. Your donation goes strictly to SOW Africa’s projects which we will keep you updated through email so that you know that your donation was a legitimate contribution to something great! Another thing that should make you more secure to donate is that S.O.W Africa will always go back to the beneficiary communities to supervise past projects to monitor progress and sustainability. You would get an email about such updates too.

Where is SOW Africa’s next project?

As an organization serving the entire continent, projects can be anywhere on an annual basis. This means that, operations depend on the need of a community and S.O.W Africa’s resources at the time. The beneficiary communities are chosen based on such criteria. Therefore, operations can fall in any African community/country at any moment.

How can I be a Team Leader?

You can apply to be a Team Leader by clicking the CORE TEAM APPLICATION link. Follow the procedure and contact us for more information.

How do I benefit from SOW Africa?

As a member of S.O.W Africa, you get to develop servant-leadership abilities. This way, you would be a first hand witness to knowing the burdens of the under represented and be able to provide authentic leadership because you have once served them. You would also be practicing charity without mandatorily contributing funds. Often times, doing charity work requires having buoyant funds to help people out. However, S.O.W Africa is service-based rather than being monetarily confined to helping the continent. You get to do charity through just being who you are! You can serve in your comfort profession, hobby or career path. There is room for every occupation here! This is something you do not see in most organizations. You also form amazing relationships and connect with your peers in different countries in Africa while serving under S.O.W Africa’s platform. You may meet the next President of an African Nation through S.O.W Africa, bet?

Does S.O.W Africa do partnerships?

Absolutely yes! We do. For further questions on partnering on future projects, please Contact Us.

How do I seek help from S.O.W Africa as an Individual?

Hello, you can Contact Us directly with your personal contact and a summary of what you desire from us. We are happy to help you in any way we can. We hope to hear from you!

Do volunteers get compensated?

Very good question! Volunteers do not get monetary compensation for projects. The essence of the organization is to serve Africa voluntarily to make it a better continent to live in. S.O.W Africa will take care of all Travel, Housing and Feeding expenses for volunteers and its members. However, the actual work/labor  is considered an offering to the organization. Also, we hold the holistic well-being of members of the organization very important. As a member, you can appeal for a loan from the organization in dire situations. Contact Us and let us know how we can help.

How many people are in SOW Africa?

S.O.W Africa is a continental Organization. Its members are in multitudes and scattered in multiple African countries. There are unlimited members allowed to join. Please do not be shy, Join Our Community and become part of our family. We are excited to serve Africa with you!

Do I have to be an African or of African descent to join?

No, you do not. Although this organization caters mainly to Africa, the act of giving back is highly encouraged amongst the youth in general. Also, in terms of travelling for volunteer, all members that need travel documents should not hesitate to contact the S.O.W Africa’s management to help in that process.

I am not in Africa, how can I be involved?

As stated above, S.O.W Africa’s membership is widespread and we do not expect all volunteers to be within the continent. As a member in diaspora, you can still pitch in your regular work with your team even though you may not be physically present. The day-to-day running of the organization is what measures our successes on projects. Therefore, You matter! As you work from your respective locations, your work still adds up aiding and touching the continent. Also, volunteers who are abroad but deeply desire to travel are also allowed to join in the trips as well. Contact Us for more details.